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By engaging IEHS to conduct fit testing you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Conditions of Testing:

Respirator fit testing will be conducted as per the following approved OSHA protocols and current legislation.

  • 29 CFR 1910.134 (Fast Filtering or Half/Full Face protocols)
  • AS/NZS 1715:2009 Selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment (RPE), whilst wearing other site provided personal protective equipment (PPE) that may affect the seal and therefore protective function of the RPE.

At all times testing will be conducted either by way of in house at our office, IEHS Mobile Van or onsite that meets the minimum requirements however does not exceed a room size of 6m x 6m approx.

Testing will only be conducted whilst the wearer is in standing position as all functions of the test require the wearer to perform various exercises specified in the protocol and only after donning the RPE for 5 minutes to ensure the mask is comfortable and the required fit checks have been performed.

At time of booking either on-line or directly via our team we will require basic information to ensure we can provide services on your behalf.

Disposable respirators - Manufacture Name | Make | Model | Number of Personnel and Location of testing.

Reusable respirators - Manufacture Name | Make | Model | Number of Personnel and Location of testing.

Note: Each reusable respirator has their own testing adaptor to which not all manufacturers supply or have without the relevant information we can not confirm your appointment until it is provided.


Testing will be conducted by a fit test technician who has been deemed competent in areas listed in ISO 16975‐3 Respiratory protective devices‐ Selection, use and maintenance - Part 3 Fit testing procedures - Section 5.2. prior to commencing works. IEHS employees who are new to the business or are in training will only undertake testing where they are supervised until deemed competent.


Hand sanitation will be available and in place in a prominent position within the testing location to enable wearers and employees of IEHS the ability to use throughout the testing process and follow IEHS Hygiene policy.

It is expected that all personnel and wearers who attend with their own equipment will ensure masks are clean and free of bacteria or matter. Disposable masks will be in a brand‐new condition and filters are clean and free of particles that could affect the outcome of the test results. At no time will IEHS perform fit testing on respirators where there is an expectation to be shared by multiple wearers due to the basic principles of infection control.

IEHS personnel will ensure COVID 19 Safe protocols are always adopted when undertaking respiratory fit testing and expect personnel and wearers who attend test locations to adopt the same policies. All components of the fit test equipment that pose a risk to the worker being tested shall be disinfected with antibacterial wipes on a continual basis.

Facial Hair

Testing will only be conducted for workers that are deemed clean‐shaven and have no facial hair that interferes with or impacts the sealing surface of the respirator refer to (IEHS Facial Hair style Poster). All wearers who are booked for fit testing are to always follow the instructions of the fit test technician before, during and after testing. Where Shaving equipment is supplied to personnel at time of testing additional costs of $5.00 per person will be added to any unpaid invoices or paid upon completion of tests.


If at any time a person feels uncomfortable or are suffering ill effects from wearing their RPE they are to inform the fit test technician immediately.

Personnel are not to attend fit testing when in ill health or knowingly sick. Technicians who assess workers on the day as being in ill health can and will be denied access to testing and personnel will be required to be rescheduled and rebooked prior to attending.

Payment Terms / Credit

All services must be pre-paid prior to our arrival onsite and or prior to departure within our office locations. Services not paid for prior to our departure will not proceed and may require rescheduling.

All bookings made online will fall off our system if payment has not been made and reoffered to other customers.

Credit is only provided to approved applicants following review and acceptance by senior management.

Credit is dependent on many variables including but not limited to minimum monthly spend. Please note that we do not like to offend our customers however if we have not offered credit at this time, please do not take offence.

If you wish to apply for credit, please contact

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