Respirator Fit Testing on the Sunshine Coast

Respirator masks protect employees from airborne particles, harmful chemicals, and bacteria. However, when masks don’t fit properly, they become ineffective, exposing the wearer to various health risks.

At Independent Environment Health & Safety Services, we provide professional respirator fit testing to Sunshine Coast clients, ensuring staff can work safely and with peace of mind. Contact us to schedule a visit today.

What is Face Fit Testing?

In general, fit testing is a procedure that evaluates the fit of a specific make, model, and size of a respirator on an individual. There are three main types of respirators. They are:

  • Disposable
    Often referred to as N95 masks, disposable respirators are filtering facepieces designed to guard against particulates
  • Elastomeric Respirators
    These respiratory masks are reusable and replace filtration capabilities. The can either shield the entire face or just the nose and mouth.
  • Powered Air-purifying Respirators (PAPRs)
    More heavy-duty and durable, PAPRs use battery-operated blowers to filter and purify air.

The purpose of the fit test is to ensure that the respirator forms an adequate and effective seal on the wearer’s face to ensure a safe level of protection against airborne contaminants.

Why is it Crucial?

When respirators are faulty or loose-fitting, hazardous particles can penetrate the area between the mask and the wearer’s face, exposing them to hazards that can result in long-term health issues. A correctly fitted mask, however, mitigates this risk, preventing unfiltered air from entering the gaps and allowing employees to work safely.

Respirator Protective Equipment (RPE) fit testing is particularly critical in high-risk workplaces where employees face ongoing exposure to airborne contaminants. These include areas like medical facilities, chemical processing plants, pharmaceutical labs, and mines. Additionally, by ensuring staff have access to correctly fitted RPE, employers reduce the probability of workplace accidents and illness, giving them peace of mind that operations adhere to OHS guidelines.

When to Organise a Respirator Fit Test

There are many instances when you should schedule respirator fit testing services. Here are some of the main ones:

  • First-time Use 
    You want to set your staff up for success from the very beginning. Always ensure they have quality RPE that fits them correctly from day one.
  • Whenever Using a Different Respirator 
    In some cases, you or your staff might be required to RPE of a different size, style, model, or make. In this case, a professional fitting is necessary.
  • Physical Changes 
    Certain physical changes can impact the correct fitting of RPE. Factors such as significant weight changes, dental work, and facial scarring all affect the way respirators sit on the face. In this instance, you’ll need to organise a professional mask fit test.
  • Annual Quality Assurance
    Workplaces have protocols in place to ensure they uphold the latest work health and safety standards. The OSHA 1910.134 (US) guidelines stipulate that a respirator fit test should occur at least once a year.
  • Alterations in Work Environment
    Changes in work environments can impact a respirator’s effectiveness. Where the job site poses new hazards or has an increase in contaminants, fit tests should be scheduled to ensure employee safety.
  • Faulty Respirator
    Accidents happen, equipment ages. Organise fit testing services if the respirator’s seal seems compromised or if the wearer experiences changes or discomfort in the fit.

Types of Fit Testing

There are two types of respiratory fit testing — qualitative and quantitative. The kind of testing required depends on the type of RPE they use and the nature of their operations.


Qualitative fit testing (QLFT) is a systematic method for checking the seal between the mask or respirator and the wearer’s face. Rather than measuring the amount of leakage into the respirator like quantitative fit testing, QLFT relies on the wearer’s sensory responses to identify leaks. It’s important to note that this kind of testing is only suitable for half-mask respirators.


Quantitative fit testing (QNFT) is a method that looks for the amount of leakage into a respirator. This technique involves the use of specialised instruments that draw air samples from the mask and compare the dust, mist, or other airborne contaminants inside of it. Results produce what’s called a ‘fit-factor’, comparing the ratio of particles in the air with the particles present in the respirator.

Fit Testing at Independent EHS Services: We Come to You!

Needing professional fit testing services for your Sunshine Coast operations? We can help. At Independent EHS services, we have a mobile solution that brings fit testing to you. We’ll arrive in our van fully stocked with the latest, high-quality fit-testing equipment to ensure accurate and timely assessment and reporting.

Alternatively, we can conduct fit testing at our Ocean Street office in Maroochydore. There, we’ll provide comprehensive testing to ensure your respiratory protective equipment fits properly and works effectively. 

Alternatively, we can conduct fit testing at our Ocean Street office in Maroochydore. There, we’ll provide comprehensive testing to ensure your respiratory protective equipment fits properly and works effectively. 

Our Process

At Independent EHS Services, we offer comprehensive quantitative fit testing for businesses in Queensland and, in some cases, Australia-wide. Here’s a baseline of what our process looks like:

1. Training

We talk with the respirator user about the fitting process, the importance of proper fit, and how to wear the mask.

What We Look For

We believe that every employee should have access to working and effective respiratory protective equipment. As such, we make sure our fit testing services are thorough. Here’s what we look out for:

  • Adequate seal integrity
  • Correct respirator size
  • Proper strap tension
  • Overall comfort
  • Compatibility with other safety equipment
  • Changes in facial features of returning customers
  • User understanding and cooperation

Service Locations

We’re proud to offer state-of-the-art fit testing services right across the Sunshine Coast. From Maroochydore to Nambour, Noosa to Caloundra, our team is there to ensure your staff’s respirators fit them correctly at all times. Some of our popular service locations include:

  • Mooloolaba
  • Maroochydore
  • Nambour
  • Kawana
  • Buderim
  • Currimundi 
  • Sippy Downs
  • Beerburrum

While we primarily work out of the Sunshine Coast, we can also extend respirator/mask fit testing to those Brisbane, Gold Coast, and wider Australian customers who need it most. Give us a call, and we’ll do our very best to tend to your needs.

Why Choose Us?

Trusted Fit Testing Partner

We’ve successfully partnered with countless businesses and organisations across Australia, including TAFE Queensland and the Noosa Council.

Tailored Solutions

While the quantitative fit testing process is fairly straightforward, we tailor each test to the individual, ensuring an effective respirator fit every time.

Flexible Team

We understand your time is valuable and will work around your busy schedule to arrange a fit testing appointment that suits you. Whether you book us months in advance or need us at a moment’s notice, we’ll be there to accommodate your needs.

Mobile Testing

At Independent EHS Services, we bring the fit test to you so you can get back to operations sooner rather than later.


“This is a great company to work with and Chris was exceptional. Very fast service and easy to contact. Will be using them again”

Alloy Doctor

“We have always been thoroughly looked after by Dave and Chris. Both always go above and beyond to ensure our team is educated on the importance of mask fitting, understand what is required to maintain the masks, and provide any additional support when required. Highly recommend!”

Ash M

“We use Indepenent EHS for fit testing of our staff.They are honeslty such a delight to deal with. They are efficient, available and affordable – and even better they come to you! Highly recommend these guys!!”

Veronica E

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a fit test the same as a fit check?

No. While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, there is a distinct difference between them. Fit tests are more of an everyday assessment usually conducted by the wearer, whereas fit testing is a more comprehensive and formal process conducted by a third-party professional.

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