Quantitative respirator fit testing (QNFFT)

Quantitative Vs Qualitative respirator fit testing?

The term Quantitative is based on factual data, or measurable outcomes and is not relied upon from human interaction other than setting up the initial parameter’s to undertake the activity and is the preferred method by industry leaders and stakeholders.

The term Qualitative is interpretation-based, and is reliant on human interaction from the outset of testing which can produce false positive outcomes.

TSI 8048 Portacount Respirator Fit tester Equipment we trust and only use when it comes to results and and best practice Health and Safety outcomes.

  • The new Modified CNC Protocols, are designed to reduce the time and resources required for fit testing, which means your teams down time is not impacted greatly.
  • It has a built in N-95 Companion technology, which allows for accurate fit testing of N95 Filtering facepieces and all Disposable respirators without the need for adapters only relying on the respirator to be probed to enable testing to be completed.
  • The inbuilt Real-Time Fit Check Mode, which shows the respirator in real-time allows for improved mask selection and training by way of assessment prior to completing tests and providing the wearer with immediate identification and understanding where gaps may be present allowing the wearer to perform fit checks and understand the amount of pressure required to seal the respirator when not in our presence.
  • The animated fit test steps, which guides users through the proper movements for each exercises, ensuring a consistent testing experience and comfort level knowing that testing has been completed correctly.
  • Group Fit Test Mode, enables Independent EHS Technicians the ability to test up to four personnel at any one time from a single control screen, increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • The Fit Pro Ultra, Fit Test Software, automates training, testing and record keeping, removing the risk of mistakes as low as possible assuming all data has been entered correctly prior to commencement.

Mitigate the risk, hire a professional “Fit the Face not the Taste” Independent EHS Quantitative Mobile Fit testing.

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