Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing (QNFT)

Respirators safeguard wearers from inhaling harmful chemicals and other airborne contaminants. However, simply covering your nose and mouth with a mask is not enough. Hazardous particulates travel through even the smallest gaps, making their way into your lungs and other areas of your respiratory system. Quantitative fit testing (QNFT) can prevent this, though, ensuring an effective seal between the wearer’s face and their respirator.

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What is Quantitative Face Fit Testing?

QNFT is a fit testing method that aims to identify how effective a respirator or mask is for the wearer. The test works by looking at the amount of leakage into the mask to determine whether it offers adequate respiratory protection. Using specialised equipment, testers focus on the seal between the mask and the user’s face, identifying leakage levels and making adjustments to the facepiece (or replacing it entirely) to ensure individual safety.

Qualitative & Quantitative Fit Testing: What’s the Difference?

You may have heard of a secondary method known as qualitative fit testing. Both qualitative and quantitative methods aim to improve respirator efficiency, however, one is more effective than the other.

Qualitative Testing

Interpretation-based, qualitative testing is reliant on human interaction from the outset. While it can be a fairly good indicator of respirator effectiveness, the reliance on human detection can skew outcomes, resulting in false passes.

Quantitative Testing

Quantitative testing is the preferred method by industry leaders and stakeholders. It’s also the one we practice here at Independent EHS Services. It relies on factual data or measurable outcomes to determine a respirator’s efficiency rather than depending on human interaction and response.

Quantitative Mask Fit Testing — The Importance of Tightly-Fitted RPEs

While many believe putting on a respirator and going about their daily duties is enough to keep them safe, it’s far from the case. Yes, respirators and other facepieces offer an added level of protection against airborne particles, but a respirator that doesn’t fit properly opens the wearer up to a multitude of preventable health and safety issues.

Here’s why staff should always be equipped with a tested, tight-fitting respirator:

  • Data-driven respirator protection
  • Compliance with Australian/New Zealand Standard (AS/NZS 1715:2009)
  • Ensures the right fit for individual personnel
  • Educates and trains teams on appropriate and proper respirator use
  • Fit-tested respirators sit comfortably, meaning wearers are less likely to remove them in unsafe areas
  • Reduces the risk of developing respiratory-related illnesses and occupational diseases
  • Keeps all stakeholders accountable for workplace safety

QNFT at Independent EHS Services

At Independent EHS Services, we’re proud to offer premier quantitative fit testing services to customers across the Sunshine Coast and various other regions across Queensland and Australia. Working with teams from various industries, including healthcare, construction, and manufacturing, our technicians use their years of experience, high-quality equipment, and numerical outcomes to ensure safe respiratory practices within the Queensland and wider Australian workforce. Our services include:

  • Individual or group fit testing using state-of-the-art equipment
  • Comprehensive report of results, recommendations, and training
  • Tailored testing based on industry standards and respirator type
  • Respiratory protection programme support
  • Record-keeping for peace of mind
  • Convenient testing solutions — visit our office or let our team come to you

Our Equipment: TSI 8048 Portacount® Respirator Fit Tester

When it comes to accurate reporting and ensuring the safety of you and your team, it’s crucial to use high-quality equipment you can trust. That’s why at Independent EHS Services, we only use TSI 8048 Portacount® Respirator Fit Tester Equipment, giving our clients peace of mind one breath at a time.

Below are the reasons why it’s our preferred quantitative fit testing tech of choice.

Newly Modified CNC Protocols

Designed to reduce the time and resources required for fit testing, Portacount Respirator Equipment minimises impact on your team’s downtime.

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Mitigate the risk and hire a professional to test your team’s respiratory protective equipment.

“Fit the Face, not the Taste” — Independent EHS Quantitative Mobile Fit testing.


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